The Immigration Tutor Video Series takes the complexity out of immigration law and gives you the tools and support you need to ‘do it yourself’. All the materials were developed by an immigration law team with years of experience. Now you can own the most comprehensive immigration support materials on the Internet at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal fees. 
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Non-immigrant Investor Visas E-1 & E-2
For those individuals or companies who are considering buying an existing business or investing in a new start-up business in the United States, this video presentation is for you. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of the steps that need to be followed in order to apply, and be granted, an E-1/E-2, nonimmigrant investor visa. It guides you through the process of determining whether you qualify for the visa, whether you have made the right kind of investment for immigration purposes to obtain the E-1/E-2 visa, and then it guides you through gathering the necessary documentation and forms to apply. The video includes helpful hints on how to make the process quicker and easier.

International Adoptions
For those individuals interested in bringing a child from another country to live with you and adopt inside the United States, this is the video for you. It guides you through the process of qualifying, determining which child to adopt, getting a home study done, completing the relevant forms and gathering the supporting documentation so that you are able to adopt a child from the foreign country of your choice.

Fiance' Visas K-1 & K-2
If you happen to be traveling abroad or on the internet, and you finally find the love of your life and would like to bring him/her to the United States to marry you, this is the visa and the video you need to guide you through the process. It provides a step by step breakdown of the legal requirements you need to meet in order for you and your fiancé to qualify for this visa, the forms and documentation you will need to gather and submit to apply for this visa, and a thorough and complete procedural breakdown of the entire process from start to finish, with helpful tips and advice that will make this experience more efficient, cost effective, and much less stressful.

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